18 آوریل 2020
آوریل 18, 2020

Online Gaming

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ADVANCEMent of online gaming today:

Online gaming has progressed rapidly in the past century. Technology has a great impact on every industry. It has influenced the Online gaming industry as well. Technological advancement has played a key role in changing the meaning of online gaming for us.

The world of gaming is an escape for the players from the actual world. Some scientific researchers suggest that playing video games can make the mind of the player sharper and can improve coordination between different systems of the body. There are some technological advancements of the gaming world that have believed to be the game changer which are mentioned below:

A.     Facial Control:

Controlling a game facially is not a dream anymore. The facial recognition software can produce a player in the game similar to you, so you will actually feel like you are inside the video game allowing you a surreal experience in the gaming world.

B.     Voice Controlling Feature:

For all the lazy players out there, this is going to be a really cool tool. Vocal directions can be given to the game and will be accepted abruptly. Voice recognition is the key factor to allow you to play your game with just saying short orders. An exciting and new feature to be added to the bucket of technology-based online gaming

C.     Gesture Sensor:

With the gesture sensing feature, controlling has never been easier. By performing simple gestures, one can easily control the game. This is a new revolution in the gaming world.

D.    Graphical Advancement:

High definition and vivid graphics are used to present the game in a lively manner. A world similar to ours is subtly presented to convince the player into believing in its existence.

E.     Virtual Reality:

The work on virtual reality games is still in process and very soon, the gamers will be experiencing it to the utmost level. Virtual reality games can create the gaming atmosphere around the player, to surround him fully in the gaming experience like never before.

F.      Multiplayer option:

The online multiplayer option has caught the interest of many people, permitting them to compete there a friend or to fight a battle against evil together, gathering an increased number of audiences to participate and enjoy games with your real companions.

G.    3 Dimensional Visuals:

The 3D visuals and high-resolution displays are a source of creating a virtual world around the player with finesse and to make him fall into the virtual reality of the gaming world.

H.    Portable Gaming:

The portability of the games is a convenient tool. One can continue playing the game in mobile devices while travelling or moving. An easy option to avoid interruptions in your fun time

These technological advancements have changed the way we look at online gaming. All these features have marked as a turnover in the history of online gaming. Awestruck by these advancements, people are still a way to get surprised by what’s more to come in the future of online gaming.

The online gaming industry:

The entertainment market has been blossoming in the whole wide world. Gaming is a major section which is ever-growing and progressing over the decades in a rapid pace. Solo and multi-playing is an easy and interesting option of online gaming. It is visible that in the future years to come, the gaming twice more than it is earning now and will flourish fully. Online gaming is an opportunity for marketers to make money and provide a truly advanced gaming experience to the world. It is estimated that in 2015, US$91.5 Billion was earned by the online gaming industry.


The online gaming industry has nurtured in the past century to a whole next level. It has gained popularity around the globe irrespective of any domination and allowing an equally pleasurable experience to all. It is still growing and strengthening its roots in the world of ours. Conclusively, online gaming with its vast history, is a pleasurable and entertaining involvement for most of the people out there.

credits: spilonlinedk.dk